ABC of Video Games: From A to F

A for Abort mission

No comments, just abort the mission when you need it.

B for Be fed

Carry the game and make your team win.

C for Camp

Nothing to say here.

D for Destroy the enemy

It must be one of your priorities.

E for Explore the map

Know where you're going and your environment.

F for Farm

Farming's love, farming's life.

ABC of Video Games: From G to L

G for Gold

Only way to upgrade your items.

H for Heal

Only way to survive.

I for Iwata Satoru

A legend.

J for Jukes

You can or you cannot.

K for Kill streak

This is how you feed your stomach.

L for Level Up

More power.

ABC of Video Games: From M to R

M for Missions

Don't be a chicken, do your missions.

N for Noob

We all started at this step one day.

O for Online

Welcome to the real world of gaming.

P for Pre orders

Just to make sure I'll have my own copy.

Q for Queues

Always fun... Especially when it dodges.

R for Run or die

In both cases, you'll die now or later.

ABC of Video Games: From S to Z

S for Stream

Just because why not.

T for Teams

Friends or strangers?

U for Updates

The fun part is wait for it to end.

V for Videos

Same thing as streaming: Why not??

W for Win streak

More fun when you're playing in ranked.

X for XP

The basic start.

Y for You died


Z for Zelda

The legend of.